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January, 2009
South Coast Clubs:- Nine years with a band called “Peach”  at Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Bomaderry RSL, Mollymook Golf Club, St Georges Basin Country Club, Bomaderry RSL, Nowra Leagues Club, Albion Park RSL
Canberra – German Club, Ainsley Rex, and Park Royal
Sydney Clubs
Parramatta Leagues, Epping Club, Wentworthville Leagues, Mount Pritchard Community Club, St Marys Band Club, Arncliffe Scotts, Cronulla Workers, Barwell Park RSL,  Padstow RSL.  City of Sydney RSL, Cabra Vale Ex-Active Servicemens Club
Some venues with nine and twelve piece Bands with Ballet and two Backing Singers
Dancers – Diane Heaton Dancers, Bare Necessities, Debbie Graham and Fiona Guage Dancers.
Some of the National and International Artists that Tony has worked with:-
Comedians – Reg Varney, Ray Seager, Johnny Garfield Lucky Grills, Sean Kramer, Rodney Rude, Slim de Grey and Norman Gunston plus others.
Singer/Entertainers – John Farnham, Julie Anthony, John English, Winifred Atwill, Val Doonigan, Lovelace Watkins, Barry Crocker, Frank Ifield, Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch, Kamahl, Don Lane, Kerrie Anne Kennerley, Denise Drysdale, Dinah Lee, Johnny Rae, Col Joye, Brian Henderson, Ian Turpie, Dennis Walters, Les Girls with Carlotta, Ricky May, Dennis Walter, Jan Adele, Colleen Hewitt, Alison Durban, Judy Stone, Marcia Hines, Mark Holden, Warren Williams, Julian Jorg, Four Kinsmen, Little Pattie,Delilah, Judy Stone, Jan Adele, Sandy Scott, Jimmy Little, Daryl Somers, Beatnix, Rolf Harris, The Platters, Johnny O’Keefe plus many more.
Tony’s singing teacher was Pam Ross who taught at the Sydney Conservatorium
Of Music, His Elocution teacher was Marie Aberjohnson
Major Roles in Documentary Films and TV Commercials (Tony drove the first Holden Commodore in their Major Television Launch in 1978) and Extra in many Television Soap Operas such as Patrol Boat, Young Doctors, Restless Years, Country Practice  plus others.
Many Corporate Events including Politicians, Gough Whitlam, Neville Wran, Bob Hawke, Billy McMahon
Some of the Leading Musicians Tony has worked with are:- Geoff Harvey, Ray Aldridge, Tommy Tycho, Will Dower, Garry Cowling, Ross Shakespeare, Tony Clout, Mal Francis, David Martin, John Bogie, Tony Raye, Ron Philpot, Bill Gale, Lee Sidman, Tony Ansell, Les Freedman, George Bruno, Dave Bridge, Merv Dick, Garry Barwick, Tom Ferris, Martin Hill, Joe Andre, Kevin Dubber, Miles Harris, Hank Coopman, Des Dixon, Graham Lockwood, Ron Paps, Paul Baker plus many more.
He taught singing at the Sydney Junior Talent School, Baulkham Hills, which also was a agency for TV Commercials and Acting Roles for Under 18’s.
Tony also hosts Karaoke shows in Sydney, one of which is believed to be the longest running in Australia (20 years on the 23 June 09) at Cabra Vale Diggers.
Bose Speakers, Behringer Mixer and Sure 28A Beta Radio Microphone  are used to ensure quality sound is always available for any Karaoke, Corporate or Entertainment Venue that he is involved with.
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